Burnt Skull- Sewer Birth (LP)

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SEWER BIRTH blasts through 10 tracks of ferocious, untuned obliteration with noise that one observer likened to "maggots licking a record needle". Subject matter includes sacrificing your mutant child to the underworld ("Sewer Birth"), painting the wall with the back of your head ("No Cross"), and becoming one with a sickening, ever-growing mass of human pulp ("Infinite Flesh")

The first 5 copies are encased in timeless black onyx (SOLD). Next 100 copies on red vinyl.

(purchase includes download code for 320kbs MP3's of the full album)

* - Pilkington has previously been heard as a member of Cruddy, Total Abuse and The Sneezes. Davis, most recently with Gremlins UK. Together, Pilkington & Davis have recorded/performed as Best Fwends