East of the Valley Blues "Ressemblera" (Cassette)

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We're incredibly excited to present to you the latest from East of the Valley Blues, aka Kevin & Patrick Cahill, from Toronto. If you aren't already familiar, (I imagine most folks reading this know their music already) get ready to have a new favorite group.

"Ressemblera" is the twin brothers 4th album following releases on Death is Not The End and Cabin Floor Esoterica. The primary difference between "Ressemblera" and previous releases that may not be immediately obvious is that this album is entirely improvised. Kevin Cahill also runs the important POWER MOVES LABEL/POWER MOVES LIBRARY/EXCAVATION SERIES group, and "Ressemblera" is the first EOTVB release where more of those influences sneak their way into the brothers Fahey-esque sound. There's an expansion and exploration of their sound on this recording that pushes beyond their previous work.

"Delicate melody to atonal scratch, each pushes the other, led by the ear and a finger’s response, while never entirely revealing who has done what. The album is the sum of its parts – one dependent on the next, absent of ego, and seemingly following a natural path into the unknown. In so being, it breaths new life and possibility into the acoustic guitar" is how Bradford Bailey described their 2017 release "Fayet" and the same holds true on "Ressemblera." EOTVB is not reinventing the wheel on this recording but rather continuing to explore and find new paths and new methods within improvised guitar music (acoustic or not).