Jim Haynes- Eraldus/Eravaldus (Picture Disc LP)

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"Eraldus" and "Eravaldus" are both shadowy concoctions built from agitated objects and amplified spaces (a lighthouse, some high-tension wires driven by wind, a very large pile of sand, etc.). These are subtly manipulated field recordings, rusted to perfection and fine-tuned into scraping and humming machinations.

The artwork comes from two corroded photographs, one of which was created especially for this release. Haynes has worked with this process for almost 15 years and, here, the resulting images are as beautiful and mysterious as the audio is nuanced and evocative.

In addition to his solo work, Jim Haynes has participated in a number of fruitful collaborations over the years with Loren Chasse (as Coelacanth), Keith Evans, Steven Stapleton/Nurse With Wound, and irr. app. (ext.)/M.S. Waldron. His recordings have been released by such labels as The Helen Scarsdale Agency, Editions Mego, Hooker Vision, Intransitive, and others. He currently resides in San Francisco.

These tracks were originally released by Elevator Bath as a limited edition picture disc LP.