Limitless Listening by Keith Rowe & Inti Meza - Buró–Buró Press (Paperback)

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Keith Rowe, Inti Meza


64 pp.
ISBN: 978-607-96255-8-0


Keith Rowe explores the nagging questions the field of visual arts began to ask in the 20th century, stealhy bringing them to the musical universe. These inquiries explore the ways we experience space through music, the preponderance of listening in the resignification of sonic events, and the timbric exploration translated into the world, starting with everyday life. (…) Keith ignores the disciplinary boundaries that separate the aural and visual orders. He exchanges and trades with different poetics, tracing a sound whose significance emerges from the way it visually operates. For Keith, nothing changes; he keeps painting with his guitar.

– Inti Meza Villarino