Luigi Turra- Ki (3xCD)

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Artist: Luigi Turra
Title: Ki
Catalog Number: and/37
Release year: 2011
Format: CD x 3

Track List:
CD 1: Ki 1 - Enso  48:00
CD 2: Ki 2 - Ancient Silence  45:00
CD 3: Ki 3 - Shasekishu  45:00
and/OAR is extremely pleased to present Ki - a mysterious three part work
that  spans the length of three CDs.

Luigi Turra: various instruments, objects and field recordings.

A first version of
Enso was originally released by Small Voices in 2007, but
the release suffered from peak-volume distortion due to being mastered too
loud, plus the use of compression altered the sound of the work. Here, it is
free from distortion and compression.
Ancient Silence was originally
self-released as a limited edition CDR EP in 2007. Presented here for the
first time is the full length version.
Shasekishu is a previously unreleased
third part of the KI trilogy.

Ki traverses and transcends dimensions of time and space, so all notions of
past, present and future defy linear logic. Ephemeral occurrences turn into
frozen memories suspended in the air like clouds of dust in sunlight. An epic
and outstanding example of reductionist sound cinema. A truly visionary work.

Luigi Turra is a musique concrète composer and graphic designer whose
main interest is in the aural balance between silence and tactile perception
of sound. Apart from and/OAR, Turra's work has also been published by
Trente Oiseaux, Non Visual Objects, White_Line Editions, Dragon's Eye
Recordings, Unfathomless, Nitkie, mAtter, Koyuki and Small Voices among

Packaged in a 6 panel wallet with a middle tube pocket  (containing CD #2).