Nervous Exits - "Get Out"

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EARLY 2000s Austin,TX garage-punk Nervous Exits was formed around the nucleus of the Yaklin Brothers (John on vocals and Nick on drums) they were quickly joined by Adam Amparin, A.J. Sandoval, and Patrick Travis. Travis and Sandoval's dueling guitars led the young band in its fusion of Lord High Fixers and MC5 inspired big beat rock and roll.
Get Out was recorded in a feverish spasm in small studios in South Austin (Bryan Schmitz of The Golden Boys at the dials) and in San Marcos (at Experimental Jet Set )in 2005 and the album was released in 2006 on cd by punk label Super Secret Records. The band then disbanded like all great unknown rock acts that burn bright and then are gone. Don't bother googling them there isn't much to find, but those of us who were lucky enough to dance to the kinetic crazyness of a Nervous Exits gig and who got to blast their cd in our beat up second hand cars have memories that shine like diamond dogs.
FIRST TIME ON VINYL (Remastered and new artwork)