Rob Mazurek - "Chimeric Stoned Horn"

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"Chimeric Stoned Horn" is the official follow-up to Mazurek's "Vortice of the Faun" CS we released back in 2015. "Chimeric Stoned Horn" is also released in conjunction with Mazurek's art opening "Constellation Scores" at URDLA in France, September 16th.

This is Mazurek's first recording featuring Piccolo Trumpet, acoustic and processed with his modular synths, with modules by Make Noise, Industrial Music Electronics and Doepfer, alongside voice incantations and mystic bell projections. It is also one of the first Mazurek albums recorded entirely in his new home in Marfa, Texas. "Chimeric Stoned Horn" picks up where "Vortice" left off, but goes much deeper and in different nuanced ways throughout the 40 minute run time.

The artwork for both the CD and Cassette versions feature 3 of the 4 "Chimeric Stoned Horn" 3D lithographs that Mazurek created for CONSTELLATION SCORES, his solo exhibition opening Sept 16, 2017 at URDLA in France, as part of the Lyon Biennale. All 4 of the "Chimeric Stoned Horn" lithographs will be on display and will be accompanied by 4 cassette players playing the sound of this album as you look at them through 3d glasses.